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Like many others, we are of Sierra Leone origin living abroad.  We visit often and when we do, we travel within the country a lot and live locally. We can therefore identify areas where we can contribute to development.  The outside world needs to see us to be interested in developing our own country before we can be able to convince others to invest here.  Our individual  contributions, even minimal, to development can also help boost the tourist industry in the country. 

We are launching this site in order to encourage, especially, Sierra Leoneans living abroad to invest in the country and develop without fear, by buying land and developing it. Whilst living and working abroad, mostly in big cities all over the world, buying land back home would not only be worthwhile long term investments, but also gain the potential of creating your own affordable holiday in the sun.  Wherever you buy in most parts of that area, the seaside is only a few minutes away. 


Building holiday homes could be an idea, to benefit from the tranquility of the countryside, in family and familiar surroundings and whilst just a 30-minute ferry cruise away from the bustling city of Freetown.   This will also be a place where you call your own when you return, even if it is for a short time.  Considering the inconveniencies incurred whilst staying with relatives and friends, when you visit, buying and developing your property saves you a lot of stress.  With your own property in place, when you visit, this means choosing whom you want to see and when.  It means better management of your visit in all areas.

Agriculture and Fisheries are the main source of the population's means of existence.  Investing in these areas would boost development in the area.

We will work with you through the purchasing process until you have the papers in your hands.   We work directly and very closely with the local people who own their land, and with representatives of the local authorities who advise us on how to go about the different processes of land ownership and in which areas.

Whatever project you intend to undertake, when you acquire the plot of land, you will be actively participating in the development of the town and its surrounding areas.  You will involve local people directly and indirectly, either by employment or by using local produce, materials and services.

Your participation in the growth of their towns will make a big difference to them whilst you acquire your quiet, serene, private, undisturbed atmosphere that you will have had the opportunity to create for yourself.

Ideas may include a home you can come to, once, twice or even three times a year for your holiday and the rest of the time, find friends and relatives that you might want to rent it to, when they visit. 

Most overseas buyers have not yet developed their land, probably because they are waiting for others to start and "see how it goes".  Only a few have taken the bold steps to build stunningly beautiful houses.

Let the next beautiful house be yours and send us a picture and decription that we can post on our website after verification.