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Any part of Mahera is always a short distance away from the coast line with its natural sand.  You can also choose land, inland at other locations around Mahera.  

When you decide to buy land here, a local official Surveyor partitions the land and gives you the necessary papers for you to have your land registered at the local office. This is the beginning of the land ownership process, which, after combined processes later produce the Deed which  makes you the owner of the land.   

You can either have the land registered yourself or we can do it on your behalf.  Most probably, you live outside the country.  We will highly recommend that you are either in place in person at some stage or have a reliable person there to see the process go through on your behalf.  Unless you instruct otherwise, we would prefer to hand the papers to you personally!


30% down payment or deposit.


 Surveyor's fees;

Land registration fees;

Local Authories;

Regional fees;

Other costs that are optional but strongly advisable:

High pillars to demarcate your land (locally bought materials and workmanship)

We would highly recommend putting up a wall/fence round the plot as soon as you own the land(locallly bought materials and workmanship)

When you are ready to build, planning permission is required.

Please note that the process here is done at local level and therefore the system is not necessarily the same as in other parts of the country.